What I do

  • Consultation
  • Database Design
  • Domain Registration
  • Flash Creation
  • Hosting
  • Mobile Websites
  • Panoramic Images
  • Sketchup 3D
  • Training
  • Web Design

About My Blog

I thought it might be helpful if I explain what my blog is about.

I spend a LOT of time on the internet (probably 50-60 hours a week).  So, I see a lot of stuff. If I see something interesting that I think the general public will like I will share it here on my blog.  Just for fun.

It might be technology related or something totally off the wall. Hope you enjoy it!

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Rethink Speeding

Very effective commercial that will encourage you to SLOW DOWN!

Next USB plug will finally be reversible

I know that I for one welcome this. It is very frustrating to be jamming a cable onto some device and keep flipping it over and over trying to get it to fit. The new cable will be universal for all devices – so, the same cable that works for your laptop will work...

Drone Shipping Wars

Like something truly from the future – Amazon (and UPS) are both racing to be the first company to offer 30 minute deliver via Air Drone! I’m sure this will come to the Big Cities first so I’m not expecting a drone to land on my doorstep here in Wichita Falls anytime soon –...