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Maskat Shrine

Information coming soon… Responsive The Event Calendar PRO Plug-in WordPress View Website

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T.O. Jr Golf

The Texas Oklahoma Junior Golf Tournament is an annual event in Wichita Falls, Texas. Registration starts each January with the custom coded e-Commerce solution I built taking registrations and payments for players. Once the tournament begins an admin back-end (not shown for privacy reasons) handles daily tee-time schedules. The use of a web database has…

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AceCFI Courseware

When I was approached by the owner of AceCFI my first attempt was to find a product already on the market that would accomplish what they needed – I don’t start out trying to reinvent the wheel. This courseware is designed to allow Instructor Pilots (CFIs) to do biannual online. In order to meet the…

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Waters Ag Storage

This client needed a new website design that was pixel perfect. For this project I chose to use Xara Designer Pro. This software allows me to to exact layouts that are generated as fully responsive websites. I also used Google Sketchup to generate 3D models of the storage containers and convert them to line art.…

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