I was building webpages with HTML BEFORE Internet Explorer came out. I visit dozens of Technology websites on a daily basis. If you need some advice on hardware, software or internet solutions – let’s talk!


Expert editing no matter what your site is built with - hand coded, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Weebly, Wix, you name it!
I can help you keep your site up to date.


I am experienced in ASP/MS-SQL and PHP/mySQL. I have converted, loaded, sliced and diced data for clients. I can build complete custom databases that run in the cloud and are accessed from desktops, tablets and smartphones. No job too big or small.


I can help you select the perfect domain for your website. You can purchase the domain yourself or let me take care of it and bill you. Please consult with me BEFORE you buy a domain name. There are things to consider when selecting a name that is easy for clients to remember and represents your site properly.


I have built both custom solutions and used Open-Source Carts. I can build simple “Pay Now” forms for your site or a complete shopping cart with hundreds of items. I can configure SSL to securely handle your transactions and help you with setting up merchant accounts.

Graphic Design

I love doing graphics! I’m not going to lie and tell you that I will do your brochures and business cards (other people do that better). However – I have cleaned up logos, created new logos, designed custom clip art for client projects, converted files from multiple formats – whatever is needed to get the job done.

Mobile Design

These days if your site is not mobile ready you are in trouble. I can offer you two solutions. I can build your site using Responsive Technology (this site is responsive – make the browser smaller and see what happens). Or I can design a completely mobile optimized version of your site that loads automatically when accessed from smartphones.

Web Design

I can design a custom website to your exact specifications or offer you a library of designs to select from. I like to meet for one hour initially (no charge) to discuss what your needs and expectations are.

Are you ready to get started?